The Daylily Dividing Knife
by Stuart Kendig

"Life is too short to carry an ordinary knife"




The Daylily Dividing Knife
Daylilies are easy to divide, but can be a lot of work. Is a special tool required? Nope, I tell people a large screwdriver would work. On the other hand......if you want the tool designed to make the job easier and to provide you the pride of having the best possible knife for the job, here it is.
Daylily Dividing Knife with oak handle and Corian bolster.         $399

This knife is designed with a sturdy 3/16" thick blade that can part dense daylily roots. It has a long blade to tackle a large root ball. The main edge is sharpened with hardened steel to maintain a keen cutting edge while the false upper edge will aid in plunging the knife into a clay encrusted root mass. The stainless steel components are 154CM steel which provide the combination of corrosion resistance and durability of the sharpened edge. The black bolsters are Corian and provide a striking contrast to the fishook oak handle. The oak has been boiled in a wood preservative compound to stabilize the wood and make it impervious to repeated water exposure. An alternative choice of materials for repeated washing would be stainless steel bolsters and Micarta scales (handles).  Red Micarta scales will keep you from losing this knife in the mulch pile. The overall knife length is 9 1/4" and the blade length is 4 7/8". These photos show my personal dividing knife that has been used for a full summer of work in the garden. Because this knife will likely spend a lot of time in the dirt, I do not recommend decorative filework.

Leather sheath is included with the knife and is custom fitted to provide a secure enclosure. This is a pouch style sheath with a hand tooled contrasting insert that has been dry brushed with an oil dye. The entire sheath is generously coated with Neatsfoot Oil to provide a protective finish. The sheath has a belt loop that will fit belts up to 1 1/2" wide. This is a right handed sheath but you may also choose a left sided sheath.