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Black Ops

Black Ops 10-18 P1100671

Black Ops

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Kendig 2014, 26" tall, 4", season M, SEV foliage, tetraploid, 5 way branching and 30 buds. Dark coral flower with near black eye and edge. Black Ops has lots of buds and the branches are widely spaced to facilitate flower opening. This probably is a sib to Black Heart with better branching and a more complete edge. The black is not as black as Black Heart. Very unusual.

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09-06 P1080129 copy 09-06 P1050268

Open Book

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Kendig 2014, 26" tall, 6", season M, SEV foliage, tetraploid, fragrant, 16 buds and rebloom which provides long bloom season. Flower color is near white (pale yellow) with wide petals and excellent red color on the eye and petal edges. While many of my red edge flowers have been recurved, this flower opens flat and shows off its complete red edge. This is my most used parent because its flat opening habit better presents the wonderful edge. In my seedling field of many red edges, this flower is an eye magnet. Parents are two of my red edge unintroduced seedlings, 06-27 x 06-24.

Third Rate Potentate


Third Rate Potentate

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Kendig 2014, 36" tall, 5 1/2", season M, dormant foliage, tetraploid, 4 branches and 18 buds, fragrant. This is a great garden performer. Flowers are consistent, clean, and make a great show in the garden. Lavender flower with purple eye and a double edge of purple and gold. Gold edge has hooks and horns. Flower reminded me of a third world dictator with a uniform adorned in gold medals. (unknown x Kendig seedling 06-20)

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