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Stuart and Diane Kendig welcome you to our garden in York Pennsylvania. Our garden will be open to the public on Sunday July 10, 2016, 9am to 3pm. On Saturday, July 9, 2016, our garden will be one of six gardens on the Daylily Region 3 tour. If you want to see these daylily gardens in York and Lancaster you can obtain more information at www.ahsregion3.org. On July 9 our garden is only open to the Region 3 tour attendees.

We hope you can visit and enjoy our garden. We will have some recent introductions and a few additional plants available for sale, but most of our sales will be conducted on this web site from now on.

We have been building and adding to and changing our garden for thirty years. We display over 1000 daylily cultivars in a 3 acre setting of mixed perennial borders. Perfect Perennials is an AHS Display Garden. We have also been hybridizing daylilies for 20 years and have developed a line of high performing and cold hardy red edged daylilies . Stuart is also interested in white daylilies and we are very excited about the appearance of broken color stripes in daylilies.

Please consider adding some of our daylily introductions to your garden and contact us if you can stop by to visit the garden while we are in peak bloom, which is the first 3 weeks in July.

Daylily clumps will multiply rapidly and after several years you will see that the foliage is less attractive, the plants have fewer blooms and possibly smaller flowers. Daylily clumps need to be divided occasionally I have a video on YouTube that shows how we divide daylily clumps which you can view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgw7IP91DuE

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Perfect Perennials
3210 Ruppert Rd
York PA 17408
P:(717) 792-0021

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