Promising seedlings

These are promising seedlings that we have selected from the 2,500 seedlings that we are growing. We transplant 700-1000 daylily seedlings each spring after germinating them in our barn in February. We select seedlings with potential in their second year, which is their first bloom year. We continue to grow seedlings for an additional year....just in case..... and we occasionally find some gems in the third and final year. Unselected seedlings are composted. Our opinion is that the world does not need more unnamed, less than great, daylily plants. Selected seedlings are then grown and observed for about 5 years and about 25% of selected seedlings make the final cut and are named and registered with the American Hemerocallis Society.

17-13 P1010530

Seedling 17-13 Hooked On You x Unknown

16-14 P1000356

Seedling 16-14 (Sagarmatha x Big Snowbird)

15-01 P1040877

Seedling 15-01 The Snow Moon x Eskimo Dreams

15-03 P1000106

Seedling 15-03 Eskimo Dreams x The Snow Moon

17-01 P1000560 (1)

Seedling 17-02


Seedling 17-02 Explosion In The Paint Factory x Augies Unique Beauty

16-08 seedling

seedling 16-08 (Explosion In The Paint Factory x Strawberry Milkyway)


Seedling #12-04


Seedling #14-13

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