Garden Dogs

We have very active dogs in our garden and many of our friends bring their dogs to our garden. Shetland Sheepdogs, and their larger cousins the Collie, make great pets. All of our dogs are active in obedience, agility, or herding competitions.


Rose and Hamish have become good friends.


Hamish is the newest addition to our family. This is our introduction to Hamish as we transport him to the surgeon to repair his broken leg. Hamish has recovered nicely and is growing up to be a 12 pound Shetland Sheepdog.


Rose is not driven to work sheep, but she does it because I ask her. Accordingly, she works calmly and we had 5 consecutive High In Trial awards.


Rose struggled with the weave pole exercise for all of 2016. This year she decided she can do it!


Rose is working toward her Master Agility Champion title. If we stay healthy....we should complete our campaign in 2018.


The welcome committee


A collection of collies. May of you knew Pharaoh, the big collie lying down. We lost Pharaoh in July 2017 and hs is greatly missed.


Rose completed her CD (obedience) title.

Pharaoh weave pole

Pharaoh earned a few agility titles before he discovered he was really a herding dog.

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