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by Stuart Kendig
"Life is too short to carry an ordinary knife"
In a world of imperfection and mass produced uniformity, I want to create a simple tool that is beautiful and uncompromising. Prehistoric man fashioned knives from basic materials and his survival depending on the utility of his knife. Thousands of years later a knife is still a valued personal possession that carries an emotional value that exceeds simple survival needs. Today we can painstakingly hand craft a knife from extraordinary materials. A knife is a simple object that expresses a level of design, incorporates a range of high tech  and exotic materials, and embodies the qualities common only to  careful craftsmanship and the unbridled pursuit of excellence.

So, what is your excuse? Life is too short to carry an ordinary knife.




Contacts and Orders

To place an order, or to ask any questions, please contact Stuart Kendig at kendig@hardyhems.com, or write to 3210 Ruppert Rd, York PA 17408.

Visa and Master card are accepted.

Custom orders are accepted  for variations in materials, or style of sheath. Custom orders may have extended delivery times.